2017 Classes - training starts 8th February

2017 classes reopen.BlogThis is an important year for our training with an emphasis being placed on deepening, grounding, centering and mindful awareness. Make the time in your schedule as these practices will utimately give you more time - for life, for love, for each other.

“Be Still as a Mountain, Move like a Great River” (Taiji Classics)

Jan news blog photo taiji copyMindfulness is the spiritual catch phrase of the decade with greater emphasis being placed on health practices and therapies which embrace the connection between body, mind, emotions, will and spirit. The ever burgeoning field of psychotherapy attributes successful trauma resolution and emotional health to body-based awareness processes. Physical expression, inner sensing and tracking of feelings are now combined with well-established cognitive approaches.

Numerous studies of the effects of stress on the nervous system are revealing our ongoing need for release of stored tensions. While physical exercise builds resilience, relaxation restores the body to a state of balance and health and, when combined with mindfulness, the effects are improvement on every level - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.

There are many traditional practices which relax the body, deepen awareness and help to regulate the nervous system. The Eastern body-mind systems of Taiji, Qigong and Martial Arts are time-honoured practices for living a life of being more grounded, centred, embodied, present in the moment and energised, enabling us to live with passion and totality while enjoying the richness of a broader life perspective.


While individual training in these arts is highly beneficial, practicing in a group increases the power of the energy field and so enhances our experience. Further uplifting is the support we feel from a productive connection with others.



In his book – ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ Bessel A. van der Kolk integrates cutting edge neuroscience with extensive knowledge and understanding about trauma resolution and emotional well-being.


He supports the age-old wisdom that being embodied and fully present forms the basis for emotional and physical well-being. “Self-regulation depends on having a friendly relationship with your body.”


In relation to the nervous system and inner sensing he says - “If you have a comfortable connection with your inner sensations – if you can trust them to give you accurate information – you will feel in charge of your body, your feelings, and yourself.”


Taiji and Qigong are the archetypal systems of mindfulness in movement, offering the methods of internal sensing, deep mind awareness and intelligence in action.


Our 2016 Term 4 class schedule includes Taiji training, Qigong weekly classes and a one-day Qigong workshop on 26th Nov, as well as my new ‘Warrior Spirit’ martial arts exercise programme – an Integrated Movement Art for developing relaxed strength, focused awareness and co-ordinated power. For dates and fees please contact me on: 0400 558181.

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THE TAIJI SPINAL STRETCH - Students in the new Qigong class at the Byron Bay Cavanbah Centre on Wednesdays at 6.30pm - it’s so good to be back!


As we move through our advancing years, maintaining relaxed strength is essential for meeting the ongoing challenges of daily life. Strength and suppleness of the spinal column provide the foundation for good health, vitality and well-being.


When we are supported by a strong and flexible spine that is correctly aligned, we are less prone to injuries, chronic back tension, and the contraction, rigidity and deterioration of the muscles and joints that usually come with aging. We can conserve our mobility and youthful vigour for longer and with greater ease.


Taiji & Qigong are well-known to provide the most gently soothing and healing, neck and back exercises, for people of all ages to safely perform.


  mullum flyer The therapeutic power of Qigong never ceases to fascinate me as I enjoy so many years of teaching and practicing this inspirational self-healing art.

Qigong is a holistic health practice that cultivates, protects and transforms essential life energy. The system when delivered properly, is both sound and deeply intelligent. Based on gently flowing movements, deep breathing methods, and inner sensing and awareness techniques, Qigong develops and integrates the body, mind and spirit.

Qigong begins with the physical, via techniques to relax and strengthen the body and increase energy flow for optimum health. It then incorporates methods to balance and clarify thoughts and emotions and provide effective stress relief. Qigong then progresses into meditation, deep states of emptiness and the realisation of oneness with life and all existence - ‘The Great Tao’. In this sense Qigong, like its kindred art Taiji, is known as mindfulness in the moving body or a ‘meditation in motion’.

It is never too late to begin the enriching art of Qigong. It is a stand-alone self-healing system which is safe and comprehensive and you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Qigong principles are easily carried over into daily life and are compatible with all other exercise systems and lifestyle activities.

You can now learn Qigong with me in Mullumbimby on Tuesdays at 9.30am at the Pioneer Hall. Starts 10th Nov. Bookings: 0400 558181

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