27th anniversary of the Dojang

DSCN0846My Taiji teacher, Patrick Kelly, just did his last class in Australia, at our beautiful Martial Arts Dojang here in Byron Bay. On experiencing him teaching and demonstrating his expert knowledge of the art of Taiji and seeing the focused awareness of all students present, I was reminded, as always, of how profound and enriching the system of Taiji is – an ever deepening path of meditation, that takes the practitioner into deeper and deeper states of consciousness. I, like many others throughout the world, am honoured and privileged to know Patrick and to have learnt from him over these many inspiring years.

I also feel grateful for this unique and wonderful Martial Arts Dojang – so full of light and presence. Perhaps this has been created by the 27 years of health, martial arts and meditation traditions, practiced here by so many sincere and dedicated students. The Dojang has a light and peaceful ambience and there is a sparkling sense of love infused throughout the space. Thankyou to all past and present students. I am looking forward to many more years of deepening and refining the body, mind and spirit through martial arts and meditation practices.

Traditions That Have Healed and Inspired
for Thousands of Years

Shirsha Marie
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