I am pleased to be taking the inspiring wisdom of Qigong out into the public arena by offering several seminars in the Byron Shire:

• a one-day Qigong Seminar at the Crystal Castle on Sunday 24th March, and


• several one-hour Qigong talks at the Starlight Festival in Bangalow over the Easter Weekend.




on Sunday 24th March - 10.30am to 4.30pm.

This Seminar will include Qigong techniques that promote the health of the organs. They are enjoyable, easy to follow and suited to all ages and levels of fitness. The Qigong Sets we will learn are:

2 active Qigong exercise Sets: “Qigong Self Massage” and “The Eight Treasures”, which promote the smooth flow of energy throughout the meridians and the organs for lasting health and longevity.

2 sitting Qigong meditations: “The Crane Breath” and “The Inner Smile”, which soothe the nervous system and nourish the Organ Chi for deep relaxation and self healing.

The cost of this Seminar is $174 which includes The Eight Treasures DVD + Lunch at the Lotus Café.

Bookings can be made at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information, go to: www.shirshamarie.com/qigong-seminars


Easter weekend - Friday 29th March to Monday 1st April -  9.30am to 5.30pm

I will be giving 3 Talks on Qigong throughout the weekend. These talks will include the opportunity to sample a variety of Qigong self-healing exercises. These simple techniques will introduce the gentle and nurturing quality of Qigong as a practice for health maintenance. The talks scheduled are as follows:

Friday 29th March – 11am to 12noon

“Qigong and the skeletal system” - Improving flexibility and ease of movement.

Sunday 31st March – 4pm to 5pm

“Qigong and the respiratory system” – Increasing oxygenation of the blood and every cell of the body.

Monday 1st April – 12 noon to 1pm

“Qigong and the Organs” - Promoting and maintaining the health of the organs.

I hope you can come along and enjoy the many benefits of this ancient exercise system that has healed and inspired people for thousands of years.

Traditions That Have Healed and Inspired
for Thousands of Years

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