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Set in magnificent Australian scenery, these 6 superb Instructional DVDs provide an authentic experience of the healing power of Qigong. They contain a broad spectrum of traditional Qigong exercises that are easy to follow and suited to everybody of all ages and levels of fitness.

These beautiful Instructional Qigong DVDs represent 30 years of Shirsha Marie's dedication to health, martial arts, personal development and meditation. Shirsha is a master teacher whose physical competence and expertise in the art of Qigong is conveyed fluently throughout the videos. Her teaching style is comprehensive and insightful, and springs from a depth of knowledge and experience which she transfers gracefully to the viewer.

All of the Qigong forms in these Instructional Qigong videos are demonstrated carefully and with precision. Clear illustration of the exercises, along with concise instruction, render them enjoyable and easy to follow, which is most important for an at-home practice.

The DVDs have been filmed and edited by Michael Balson. Michael is a gifted Australian film maker, with a career spanning over 45 years. Drawing on his rich artistic sensibility he has created an array of visual feasts that feature the intrinsic relationship between Qigong and the natural world.

The background scenery comes from David Warth, Australia's talented and accomplished documentary film maker who specialises in celebrating nature. In these videos, his superb footage of the Australian environment has provided the perfect backdrop on which to highlight the beauty of the Qigong forms.

The music for these Instructional Qigong videos has been selected from the collected works of Yantra De Vilder. Her delightful and relaxing compositions are smooth and harmonious and sustain a positive and vibrant energy throughout. During these videos, Yantra's exquisite music soothes the viewer into a relaxed and peaceful state, enabling them to move with grace and ease through each of the exercises.

The components of these Instructional Qigong videos have been combined harmoniously together to offer the most benefit from the Qigong exercises and create an inspirational self healing experience.





This series of 6 Instructional Qigong DVDs was designed to make the powerful self healing art of Qigong more accessible to everyone - reaching as many people as possible and integrating the practice more easily into their daily lives.


In the Qigong system, a daily approach to training affords the most health benefits from the exercises. However, not everyone is able to attend Qigong classes on a regular basis. They may be traveling or too busy with work. They could be living in a remote region. They may be unwell or in recovery from an illness and need to stay at home. Perhaps they are unable to participate in a whole class and need to perform just a few of the exercises, taking their time and resting in between each of the forms.


These Instructional Qigong videos provide the perfect solution as everyone can enjoy the convenience of learning and practicing Qigong at their own pace and  in the privacy of their own home. This makes these superb DVDs the perfect gift for family and friends.





The art of Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise system that develops and conserves vital life energy. It benefits the health of the organs, joints and bones. Qigong promotes the health of the digestive system, regenerates the nervous system and boosts the immune system. It improves posture, builds inner strength, increases flexibility, calms the mind and improves all functions of the body.

These Instructional Qigong videos contain a broad spectrum of traditional exercises that are suitable for a complete beginner as well as the Qigong connoisseur. As a tool for learning, these Qigong videos are notably superior and many people who have had no previous Qigong training, are using these videos to successfully learn Qigong right from the very beginning.

Students report that as well as being able to learn Qigong from these videos, they never tire of practicing with the DVDs, each time discovering yet another fascinating aspect of the art. In Qigong, as with most Eastern health and martial arts practices, repetition of the forms is the key to mastering the many physical and mental benefits these systems provide. By having these Instructional Qigong DVDs at hand, students are able to watch and learn from them over and over again, revealing ever deepening layers of energy and awareness each time. In fact, the joys of Qigong practice never stop - there is always another, deeper layer of healing and joy to be discovered.





These Instructional Qigong DVDs contain a wide range of genuine Qigong health practices, for lasting health, vitality and well-being. They are great value and comfortably affordable at $29.85 each or $119.85 for the 6 DVDs Box Set.


Set in stunning Australian landscapes these Instructional Qigong videos are truly inspirational, with exercises that are accompanied by exquisitely relaxing music and clear and concise instruction. All of the exercises demonstrated in the videos are well known, long-established tools for improving and maintaining good health. Passed down from ancient China, they have survived the test of time, being well regarded as practical and effective self healing methods.


For Just 30 minutes a day you can enhance and preserve your health at home, with instruction that is easy to follow and exercises that feel natural to perform. These Instructional Qigong DVDs are a true gift. They provide a superior way to take health and well-being into your own hands.


These DVDs are in the PAL format, region free and manufactured with high quality from a professional glass master DVD. Most DVD players of the countries using NTSC will be able to play these disks without problems - but please check with your DVD player's manual prior to purchase. We are not able to accept returns if your player is not able to play PAL DVDs.

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