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Qigong (Chi Kung) is a gentle exercise system whose beginnings can be traced to ancient China and the nature based philosophy of Taoism. Qigong is best described as a natural self-healing practice that develops and integrates mind, body, and breath to enhance health and well-being, personal development, and spiritual growth.


Conserving, increasing, and transforming our energy through relaxed exercise, combined with the regulation of mind and breath, is the primary method of Qigong. The practice involves a variety of gentle flowing stretches and soft, rhythmic movements, performed with an internal focus on inner sensing and whole body awareness.

Qigong classes include: postural alignment techniques; joint rotations; soft stretching and strengthening moves; loosening exercises; self-massage techniques; deep breathing methods; and meditation.


Qigong is both soothing and energizing and cultivates the smooth flow of energy throughout the whole body, nourishing every organ and tissue. It improves all functions of the body and promotes inner strength and lasting health.


With Qigong practice our breathing becomes deeper and slower, generating an abundant supply of oxygen to the heart, thereby increasing oxygenation of the blood and consequently every cell of the body.


Qigong exercises massage, cleanse and strengthen the organs, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones and increase the circulation of essential fluids (blood, hormones and lymph).


Qigong benefits the health of the digestive system, nervous system and immune system. It improves posture and core strength while increasing flexibility and ease of movement and develops the ability to move in a balanced and coordinated way.


Qigong is a potent form of preventative medicine and has traditionally been used in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses and disorders. These include back problems, digestive disorders, heart problems, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis, asthma, anaemia, high blood pressure and many other common ailments.


Qigong cultivates the experience of relaxed pleasure, the ultimate healer of the body. As tensions are released from the muscles, organs and nerves, we experience a heightened state of being - of feeling calm, clear, aware, centred, whole and alive. The mind becomes more relaxed and still, creating a feeling of inner peace and emotional balance, which helps to protect the body from stress and disease.


Although subtle, Qigong is well known as a method of energy transformation and healing. While at first classes may seem very gentle and easy, sustained practise develops Qigong into a powerful healing of the body-mind system. Although Qigong is working right from the first class, it can take up to ten classes to really feel the effects. From then on, with regular practise, Qigong steadily accelerates into a dynamic internal energy workout. Over time you can expect the feeling of your practise to undergo profound transformations. As with all true arts, patience and commitment are required to gain the most benefit from Qigong.



Qigong in Byron Bay is taught by Shirsha Marie, a full-time martial artist and the Founder and Senior Instructor of Heart Mind Centre, (est. 1986). She teaches a broad range of traditional Qigong Exercises and Healing Meditations.



TUESDAY MORNINGS - 8.30 to 10.00am 



SELF MASSAGE Awakening Vital Life Energy

This invigorating sequence of body tapping and finger pressure techniques helps to clear the meridians, detoxify the organs and fortify the immune system. Circulation is greatly enhanced and the whole body tingles with aliveness and well-being.

THE EIGHT TREASURES – Healing Exercises for the Organs

This is a gentle and rhythmic sretching routine that improves the health of the organs. Eight easy exercises help to release tensions from the muscles surrounding the organs and build vital energy that circulates smoothly  throughout the meridians. A greater and more balanced flow of energy regenerates the body, mind and spirit.


WEDNESDAY MORNINGS - 7.30 to 9.00am



WARM-UP EXERCISES Improving Flexibility and Balance

This is a series of fluid joint rotations and loosening moves that nourish the joints for increased flexibility and ease of movement. They improve coordination and balance while increasing suppleness and elasticity throughout the whole body.


* NEW - QI POWER CLASS  – Increasing Strength and Vitality

A dynamic fusion of Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qigong and Body Psychotherapy moves. This fun expressive class frees up tensions and stagnant energy. It builds life-force and develops internal strength and harmony through grounding, focusing, breathwork and mindfulness in movement.


WEDNESDAY EVENINGS - 6.00 to 7.30pm



SHAOLIN COILING Energising the Joints and Bones

This set of 9 coiling exercises strengthen and condition the tendons and ligamants which, in turn, enrich the bone marrow and build healthy blood. They strengthen all the joints and develop core power, good posture and a strong and supple spine.



This set of 10 soft stretching and strengthening moves builds core strength, develops good spinal alignment and relieves neck, shoulder and back tension. These gentle exercises massage the muscles, skin, fascia and connective tissues to increase flexibility and ease of movement.



THURSDAY MORNINGS - 8.30 to 10.00am



WARM-UP EXERCISES Improving Flexibility and Balance

This is a series of fluid joint rotations and loosening moves that nourish the joints for increased flexibility and ease of movement. They improve coordination and balance while increasing suppleness and elasticity throughout the whole body.


THE SHIBASHI - TAI CHI-QIGONG SET Revitalising Body & Mind

This sequence of 18 softly flowing forms is based on essential postures of Taiji. The movements exercise the joints and spine, improve circulation and digestion, relax the nervous system, and support the respiratory system. They cultivate inner strength, lasting health and a calm and peaceful mind.



Class Dates:

  • Classes run during school terms - 2019 TERM THREE as follows:
  • St. Martin's Hall MULLUMBIMBY - 10 x Tues - 8.30 to 10am - 23rd July to 24th Sept.
  • The Moller Pavilion BANGALOW - 10 x Wed - 7.30 to 9am - 31st July to 25th Sept.
  • The Moller Pavilion BANGALOW – 10 x Wed - 6.00 to 7.30pm - 24th July to 25th Sept.
  • Uniting Church Hall BRUNSWICK HEADS – 10 x Thurs - 8.30 to 10am - 25th July to 26 Sept.
  • Classes are suitable for all levels
  • To enquire about the Qigong programme, phone 0400 558181, or click here.
  • Enrolment into Qigong is essential and a Registration Form must be completed before your first class. Either arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a Form, or click here to complete the Form online.

Class Fees:


• a single 1.5 hour Class = $20

• or a Term discount - 10 weeks = $150 


Traditions That Have Healed and Inspired
for Thousands of Years

Shirsha Marie
Founder & Principal
Heart Mind Centre (est. 1986)
Post: P.O. Box 819 Byron Bay N.S.W. 2481 Australia
Tel: 0400 558181

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