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restorative self-healing practice cultivating vital life energy
through integrating body, breath and mind

Qigong is a gentle healing exercise system which incorporates traditional wisdom of Taoist nature-based philosophies, Buddhist meditation practices and Chinese medical theories. It is a holistic practice for body, mind and energy, which empowers us with increased vitality, awareness in movement and an embodied approach to meditation.

Qigong promotes relaxed strength and a calm peaceful mind. Its gentle flowing forms are soothing and pleasurable. As the body and mind relax, stored tensions are released and we experience an enriched state of being – of feeling calm, clear, aware, centred, whole and fully alive.

Qigong Practice includes soft, circular stretches, gentle joint rotations, postural alignment techniques, self-massage, deep breathing methods, guided relaxation and meditation. 


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Practical Self-Healing for Modern Times

These days more and more people are looking for an exercise system which increases vitality while developing mindful awareness. The ancient art of Qigong offers the perfect solution with conscious, restorative exercise which is practical self-healing for modern times.

Qigong has been developed according to Taoist nature-based philosophies, Buddhist meditation practices and Chinese medical theories. It is a time-honoured approach to body-mind health which promotes wisdom and harmony in all aspects of life.

Practising Qigong is both soothing and energizing. Its circular flowing moves enhance the smooth flow of energy throughout the whole body, to nourish every organ and tissue and improve all functions of the body. Qigong calms the mind, slows down the ageing process and protects the body from stress and disease.

Qigong translates as ‘the art of cultivating vital life energy’. Its gentle, rhythmic moves are light and pleasurable, yet powerfully rejuvenating. They stimulate energy flow throughout the whole body. The ancient Taoists understood that smooth, flowing exercise increases the flow of energy and like water, as it circulates, builds in power. Once life-force is allowed to circulate freely, the body regains its own balance and intelligence for self-healing.

Qigong offers a complete system of health maintenance. Its therapeutic exercises can be performed by anyone of any age which allows people to practice well into their advancing years. With attention to postural alignment, soft stretches and relaxation within each move, Qigong techniques build our energy reserves and offer both a preventative and restorative health system for a long and happy life.

Qigong improves all functions of the body. It develops good posture, suppleness, co-ordination and ease of movement, and improves the health of the respiratory and digestive systems, regulates the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

The soft spiralling moves of Qigong nourish every organ, and tissue in the body. They gently stretch the skin, muscles, organ fascia, ligaments, tendons, sinews and connective tissues and increase circulation of all essential fluids. Each movement opens the chest and lungs to allow deeper more effortless breathing which increases oxygenation of every cell of the body. More breath means more energy and more life.

The deep stances of Qigong build robust strength in the hips and legs to improve stability and balance. Continual weight-shifting combined with subtle, rhythmic exercises of the joints, conducts energy throughout the skeletal system. This strengthens the bones and nourishes the bone marrow to build healthy blood for longevity.

The meridian system of the body conducts energy flow to balance and regenerate the organs and benefit the associated organ senses. In so doing, organ chi is harmonised and emotions become balanced. We feel calm, centred and relaxed.

With practice Qigong exercises become progressively deeper and more refined until we can feel the delight of increased energy streaming throughout our entire system. This brings a cascade of gentle sensations which embodies our awareness and anchors us to be more present in the here and now.

Immersed in the natural world

Qigong draws on ancient science of our relationship to the natural world via energy gates, channels and centres in the body. As lifeforce builds, it is conducted upward through the Tandien Energy Centres which interface with universal energy and consciousness.

This ascending flow assists the functioning of the brain, and develops higher aspects of the mind. The glands of the brain are further energised by eye exercises which alternate clear focusing with soft gazing, to enhance mental intention while absorbing the light and beauty of nature.

Increased energy is best accompanied by positive intentions. Where the mind goes the energy flows, and energy is influenced by constructive thoughts and joyful emotions. Our positive intent is anchored with attention to breath, sensations and feelings, woven into every Qigong movement. This naturally deepens the mind into quiet states of self-reflection and inner peace. The heartening practices of Qigong raise our spirits to enrich our life purpose and expression.

Qigong empowers our whole life with increased energy that can be practically transferred to daily life. Although it includes sitting meditations and healing practices, Qigong primarily features soft, rhythmic exercises performed in standing and walking postures. These are co-ordinated with deep breathing and eye focusing techniques to engage more fully in the world while remaining centred within. Embodying awareness in the standing and walking exercises ensures that we can naturally continue this skill as we go about our daily activities.

The exercises and breathing methods of Qigong are safe and pleasurable, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and at any time. No special studio, clothing or equipment required. We can do Qigong on a balcony, in the park or at the beach. Feeling the earth under our feet and open to the sky above, we imbibe the majesty of nature, absorbing it through our eyes, breathing it in through our skin, allowing it to recharge our vital essence.

With every Qigong session we feel calm and uplifted, grounded and centred yet open and spacious. Our spirit lightly touches heaven and we are deeply rooted to the earth. With aliveness and inner peace we gain mastery of our energy and love of life.

Step in to your energy and step into life with Qigong

With an open heart and dedication to my students’ well-being, I welcome you to come and enjoy a broad range of Qigong self-healing exercises, deep breathing techniques and meditations. These include:

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    Qigong Warm-Up Exercises

    Joint loosenings which open the energy gates throughout the body

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    Qi Self-Massage

    Body tapping to stimulate the meridians and awaken the flow of Chi

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    The Eight Treasures Set

    Flowing exercises which circulate, increase and balance Organ Chi

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    The Shaolin Coiling Set

    Spiralling stretches which strengthen the bones and energise the tendons, joints and bone marrow

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    The White Crane Set

    Tai Chi-Qigong moves which build and focus energy in the Dantien Centres

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    The Shibashi

    Tai Chi-Qigong forms which open the lungs, deepen the breath and relax the body and mind

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