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In beautiful Byron Bay Australia, health, vitality and well-being are an integral part of the regional lifestyle. There is a primary focus on life in the outdoors, with respect and appreciation for the health of the body and mind, and care for both the inner and outer environments.


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Many people come to Byron Bay for deep relaxation, healing and rejuvenation, and for getting in touch with their inner selves and the positive direction they wish their lives to take. Learning Qigong with Shirsha Marie is a profound way to focus within and develop essential energy for self-healing and peace of mind.


Qigong is a soft-style exercise art that cultivates vital life energy for radiant health and well-being. It is a natural self-healing process that integrates body, breath and mind, in harmony with life and all existence.

Qigong exercise is a sensible and reliable approach to fitness, health and longevity for all ages and levels of fitness. The gently flowing exercises of Qigong open the body to move in ways that  natural and comfortable and systematically develop structural alignment, inner strength and superior health.

Some fitness methods oppose the body in a manner which is aggressive, by forcing it into postures and movements that require a flexibility and athleticism that are unrealistic and impractical to maintain – particularly for the not-so-young body. In contrast, Qigong exercise is 100% healing and harmonious with the body's innate wisdom. Qigong exercises are gentle, strengthening and nourishing, and consistent with the body's natural form.

Qigong exercise with Shirsha Marie in Byron Bay Australia, is soothing and graceful. She cares for her students with a safe, insightful and personalised approach to teaching this pleasurable and effective health practice. Shirsha allows students plenty of time to appreciate their internal energy and gain a deeper sense of themselves and their capacity for self healing.

During her Qigong classes Shirsha promotes a celebration of the intrinsic relationship between Qigong and the natural world. Her relaxed yet focused instruction incorporates images of nature, and creates a delightful journey into deeper aspects of the body/mind relationship to the environment.Beach Group

Shirsha provides an emphasis on relaxation and awareness in the moving body, and the cultivation of meditation, inner peace and compassion. This sets the tone for living the joyful and contented life that we want, embracing life fully while remaining strong, centred balanced and aware.

Byron Bay is a uniquely beautiful and healing place in Australia. It is a place to take time out, relax and rejuvenate and find the inner focus that allows true change to occur in our lives. All are welcome to join Shirsha Marie's Qigong classes in the tranquil atmosphere of her Heart Mind Centre, in the heart of Byron Bay.


Why learn Qigong from Shirsha Marie in Byron Bay Australia?

Some comments from her students on the benefits of Qigong

"The teaching style here in Byron Bay Australia is masterful. I feel totally safe within the class atmosphere and realize all the health benefits of this beautiful meditative style of movement for body and soul."

"Shirsha Marie provides a beautiful and relaxing introduction to Qigong and is easy to follow and learn from. She is patient, professional, gentle and caring. We are so lucky to have a teacher with a true depth of knowledge who instructs with sensitivity and clarity, deftly catering to all ability levels."

"When practicing Qigong with Shirsha Marie, I feel like my entire body has been flooded with light and energy. I feel deeply relaxed and connected to nature."

"I leave each Qigong class in Byron Bay with much more energy and balance in my mind and emotions. I feel rejuvenated and full of vitality. Qigong is a joy to learn and practice."

"I leave each Qigong class in Byron Bay with much more energy and balance in my mind and emotions. I feel rejuvenated and full of vitality. Qigong is a joy to learn and practice."

"Each Qigong class is like a deeply healing massage and meditation. Deeply healing because the Qigong exercises open up the channels for energy to flow throughout all areas of my body. And meditative because my mind becomes single focused on the exercises and the breathing."

"At the completion of every Qigong class I feel so much more aware of balance, harmony and calm from within. I have much more strength now. I feel lighter and clearer in my mind, happy and positive."

"Practicing the gentle healing exercise art of Qigong in Byron Bay Australia gives me the inner strength and focus I need to stay grounded and present in today's challenging world."

Traditions That Have Healed and Inspired
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Shirsha Marie
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Heart Mind Centre (est. 1986)
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