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I have been practising Qigong at this school for more than 4 years. Of all the exercise/movement forms I have tried over the years, this has been the most interesting and rewarding. Over time, I have experienced certain physiological changes which neither medical nor alternative therapies have been able to produce - but the form has much to offer beyond the physical, and my sense is that one gets what one needs from it. The teaching here is deep and refined, and every class reveals something new to me in the form. There is an ever-unfolding exquisite subtlety to be found here.


Qigong is absorbing. It enables me to develop stillness and calm in my body. I had suffered from poor posture and not feeling stable and connected through my body. I had tried other Qigong teachers but found that often the methods would oppose my body in a manner which was aggressive, forcing my body into the forms and positions. At Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong, I have been helped to work with my own body and its particular needs with patience and acceptance; to improve my stance and posture and feel balanced; to become truly relaxed with my strength and comfortable in my own body. After the classes these benefits do not stop – I am able to tap into the source of my body's wisdom and take this skill into my daily life.


The alignment and deep breathing practices of Qigong really improve my posture and support my health. I have suffered from chronic fatigue as well as very difficult emotional states, and I find that, no matter how bad I might feel before a class, afterwards I feel cleared energetically with a lovely centred healthy feeling.

I've had about 6 different Taiji and Qigong Teachers in the past, and I find that this teacher has a refined blend of warmth, grace and professionalism which creates a strong sense of safety in the practice. I've never before been so encouraged to come into a full embodied presence and I don't imagine I would find better instruction anywhere else. Thank you.


I have been attending Qigong classes at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong for around 6 months. I feel totally safe within the class atmosphere and realize all the health benefits of this beautiful meditative style of movement for body and soul. At the completion of every class I feel so much more aware of balance, harmony and calm from within.

Our teacher, Shirsha shares the most beautiful, graceful presentation of the Qigong movements, always with careful guidance and with insightful instruction. This has become a very powerful and deep experience for me. I have gratitude for her sharing of inner light and strength with me in this long journey of developing Chi.


Qigong makes me feel very good and is so enjoyable to do. The movements are easy and so uncomplicated, but seem to work in profound ways. I feel better and better, more relaxed and more energised as the Qigong session progresses, and the feeling of vitality lasts all day!

I have much more strength now. I feel lighter and clearer in my mind, happy and positive. My shoulder stiffness is gone and my eyesight and digestion have improved. Qigong at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong is something I can highly recommend. We are so lucky to have a teacher with a true depth of knowledge who instructs with sensitivity and clarity, deftly catering to all ability levels.


I cannot recommend the Qigong taught at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong highly enough. Each class is like a deeply healing massage and meditation. Deeply healing because the Qigong movements open up the channels for energy to flow throughout all areas of my body. And meditative because my mind becomes single focused on the exercises and the breathing.

Although I have always enjoyed strong physical exercise I can feel that this is actually more powerful in it's capacity to keep me fit and healthy.


I came to these classes as a novice to Qigong but was very keen to learn more. I have found this to be a beautiful and relaxing introduction to Qigong, and the style of teaching has been very personalised for all levels which has made it an easy adjustment for me as a beginner. I have noticed immediate positive effects on my own health and mind and body - I have suffered from low energy and heart palpitations but since starting these classes this has reduced significantly and I have much more energy and balance in my mind and emotions. I leave each class feeling rejuvenated and full of vitality. Qigong is a joy to learn and practice. I very much look forward to studying more and developing my own practice with our teacher further.


I have always suffered from low energy levels, but after a Qigong class I feel like a dynamo, and can run around town with plenty of juice! Qigong gives me the inner strength and focus I need. When I practice Qigong I feel like my entire body has been flooded with light and energy. The style of teaching at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong is masterful, the perfect mix of physical and breathing techniques.


After major back surgery 10 years ago I was afraid of exercise. I went to Qigong after hearing about an incredible qualified instructor. I was immediately comfortable with the patient, professional and personal style of teaching whether she had 2 or 30 in the class, she is easy to follow and learn from. It has been so helpful to be able to take home what she has taught me, and to be able to relax and have the correct stance as I do an exercise. In my travels I have been to many other Qigong Instructors. This one is absolutely dedicated to her profession and her students, plus being gentle and caring.
I am 70 years old.


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