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Taiji in Oz 2009

Taiji (Tai Chi) is a soft-style, internal martial art based on principles of circular motion, alignment, relaxation and meditation. Taiji is a path of personal development that promotes good health, harmonious energy and deepened awareness.

In Byron Bay, like many places in Australia, there is enjoyment of outdoor activities and community events, for health, entertainment, and a progressive and conscious eco-friendly lifestyle. Byron Bay supports a dynamically changing and growing culture in which personal development, healing, creativity and self expression are celebrated.

Amidst this dynamic and healthy lifestyle, the inspirational art of Taij is practiced by a group of dedicated practitioners. They are guided by their Instructor Shirsha Marie of Heart Mind Centre. Shirsha has been a full time health and martial arts practitioner since 1985, and specialises in the arts of Taiji, Qigong and Hapkido-Hapkiyusul.

Shirsha Marie's safe and friendly Martial Arts Dojang in Australia rates highly as a sanctuary that promotes health of body and mind, by cultivating internal energy and strength, and developing meditation. Through training in the inspirational art of Taiji at Heart Mind Centre, a deeper approach to life can be realised.

Taiji in Oz 2014As a martial art, Taiji is a non-aggressive self-defense system whose soft yielding forms are employed to harmonize with an opponent's force and develop internal strength, alignment and stability. As a health art, Taiji is an active form of Qigong – the cultivation and preservation of vital life energy to advance health, fitness and well-being. As a moving meditation, Taiji coordinates body, breath and mind, which fosters inner knowledge, calmness and depth, and promotes the experience of stillness in action.

The Taiji students at Heart Mind Centre, Australia, value the quietness, depth and inner peace that Taiji promotes. In Taiji practice, observing and integrating the mind in a moving body develops a deep awareness and gives students the opportunity to come into a more essential and peaceful state, away from the many distractions of a busy life. They learn how to remain still and present at the centre of activity, while the outside world moves busily along.


The meditative art of Taiji offers an exploration of the body-mind system and its relationship to nature. Its flowing, circular movements express the underlying forms of energy and motion inherent in life, and demonstrate the polarities of Yin and Yang energy, continually changing but always moving toward balance. Through Taiji practice, students aim to realise a more profound sense of themselves within this expanded context.

Through coordination of body, breath and mind, Taiji practitioners are able to perceive deeper and more subtle energy flows within. This heightens the senses and enhances their experience of the natural world. Practicing Taiji in Byron Bay is the ideal way to explore a lively and awakened connection to the beauty and radiance of nature, which is so abundant in Australia.

Through training in Taiji with Shirsha Marie at Heart Mind Centre in Australia, we learn to move harmoniously with each other, and to cultivate inner refinement, peace of mind, and respect and harmony with life and all existence. We learn to flow in oneness with the eternal Tao.

Why learn Taiji with Shirsha Marie in Byron Bay Australia?

Some comments on the benefits of Taiji practice from her students:


"I am most grateful for the commitment and compassion of our Taiji teacher, Shirsha Marie. For 10 years now I have been practicing Taiji at the Centre here in Byron Bay Australia, and have been able to free my body from joint and back pain."


"Studying Taiji at Byron Bay Martial Arts these last five to six years has turned my health around from being a burnt out school teacher to feeling younger every year. It has cured a range of problems which were accumulating such as sore heels, lower back pain and damaged shoulders. I can now enjoy many more years pursuing my career."

"The energetic art of Taiji has provided an enduring foundation for my continuing health and wellbeing and has enabled me to successfully manage a chronic spinal injury. With my instructor's guidance I have been able to change my body alignment, develop skills of balance and coordination, and gain strength and power."

"Taiji is an investment in yourself! It calms my mind, straightens my spine, strengthens my legs, hips and back, builds my Chi and vitality and improves my sex life!

"Through Taiji I experience a profoundly deeper sense of myself and my world. It is a powerful vehicle that brings my mind into union with my body, my life force and into resonance with 'the heartbeat of life."

"My years training Taiji at Byron Bay Martial Arts, Australia, have been a wonderful blend of informative instruction and interesting learning. Our instructor, Shirsha Marie, is not only is passionate about these arts but embodies grace, patience and the rare ability to transfer her knowledge whilst retaining impeccably, the integrity of this extraordinary art."

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Shirsha Marie
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