Through Taiji I experience a profoundly deeper sense of myself and my world. It is a powerful vehicle that brings my mind into union with my body, my life force and into resonance with 'the heartbeat of life'. My years training at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong have been a wonderful blend of informative instruction and interesting learning. We have been incredibly lucky to have been taught by an instructor who, not only is passionate about these arts but embodies grace, patience and the rare ability to transfer her knowledge whilst retaining impeccably, the integrity of this extraordinary art.

Sono, Creative Director

Studying at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong these last five to six years has turned my health around from being a burnt out school teacher to feeling younger every year. It has cured a range of problems which were accumulating such as sore heels, lower back pain and damaged shoulders. The cartilage problems in my knees have not deteriorated and are no longer extremely painful. I can now enjoy many more years pursuing my career.

The mental discipline needed to do these martial arts is a great challenge and the satisfaction at remembering yet another section of the Form makes me look forward to the next lesson. Our teacher covers every minute movement so clearly. My brain, therefore, is also getting a workout.

These last years have also been some of the most difficult times of my life with the death of my son from cancer and my other children barely coping. Coming to these lessons have been my solace and have given me the strength to hold it all together so that myself and my family have come out the other side. My spirit has been healed by Taiji and Qigong practice.

This art embraces body, mind and soul.

Elisabeth, Art and Ancient History Teacher

As a new Taiji student, in my mid fifties, I am delighted to discover the school and its style of teaching. This is the first time I have learnt a martial art. The teacher is endlessly patient and does know how to provide detail and guidance according to the students needs. I am very happy that I have started and am confident that progress will be made!

Jenny, Film Distributor

I am most grateful for the commitment and compassion of our Taiji teacher Shirsha Marie. For 10 years now I have been practicing Taiji at the Centre here in Byron Bay and have been able to free my body from back and joint pain.

I became interested in Taiji as a meditation. After practicing Vipassana for many years, I decided that I would like to try a more active meditation, and so I began on the Taiji journey. Taiji has helped me to move to a deeper and more satisfying level with many benefits for mind body and spirit from this ancient art.

Paul, Organic Farming Teacher

Taiji is an investment in yourself! I had wanted an exercise I could do by myself on travel or business trips, and one that I could progress in at my own pace.

I do twenty minutes of Taiji a day and it calms my mind, straightens my spine, strengthens my legs, hips and back, builds my Chi and vitality and improves my sex life! Every movement I do is now generated in my feet and transferred in a wave through my relaxed body, from kicking a soccer ball to throwing a Frisbee.

I can punch faster, kick harder, and throw someone twice my body weight right across a room.

I have black belts in several martial arts and now Taiji has become the core on which I place all my cross training. As an acupuncturist, the command of Chi I have now developed, has magnified the effect of my needle technique. Taiji takes time, but it is now a skill I would not be without. When I feel my body is about to explode with stress & fatigue I practice Taiji and the next day I am sharp relaxed & focused again. Training at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong is both friendly and serious - serious about internal development! Thank you.

Phil, Acupuncturist

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