I have been a student at Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong for 11 years. These energetic arts have provided an enduring foundation for my continuing health and wellbeing, and without hesitation I can assert that the particular forms and style of practice I have learned over this period have enabled me to successfully manage a chronic spinal injury. With my instructor's guidance I have been able to change my body alignment, develop skills of balance and coordination, and gain strength and power.

The head instructor, Shirsha Marie, has refined skills and a deep understanding of martial arts and energy work in general. She continues to play a central role in my development as a martial artist and energy worker. My own experiences are not the only evidence I bring in support of these claims, since I have seen similar processes occurring for many of my fellow students. The overwhelmingly positive energy of this large and beautiful school is available for all students in their practice.

Tom, PhD. Consultant

I was overjoyed when I found Byron Bay Taiji & Qigong. I had been suffering from arthritis in my knees, which meant I could not walk more than a few metres. Also I had been diagnosed with mild emphysema so my doctor suggested that I do Taiji to help my lungs repair. Now after three years of practice my lungs are healthy, I can take long walks on the beach and I have high energy and excellent health.

Diti, Music Teacher


Traditions That Have Healed and Inspired
for Thousands of Years

Shirsha Marie
Founder & Principal
Heart Mind Centre (est. 1986)
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