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Qigong Sessions in the Byron Shire

Welcome to learning Qigong through individually designed sessions which deliver a truly nurturing experience. I give you the essential and practical tools of this gentle, self-healing art, with techniques that are authentic, age-appropriate and suited to your particular needs. All techniques are instructed at your pace and level of experience so that you gain the most benefit from these deeply energising practices.

Qigong exercises are gentle and safe and designed to move in harmony with your body’s natural structure. Throughout the session you will be guided through inner sensing and awareness techniques within each movement, which open the energy channels throughout the body and circulate energy more freely. This meditative approach deepens the healing experience and promotes inner harmony and a peaceful mind.

The duration of each session is 1.25 hours, which includes meditation.
Session fees are: Individual Session: $145  • Session for two: $195

To book a Qigong Session contact Shirsha

Body Psychotherapy Sessions in Byron Bay

Welcome to my Practice of Body Psychotherapy, in the Core Energetics model of self-development. Through a psychodynamic approach combined with a variety of physical movements and breathing exercises, we will work together to unblock muscular armouring and release emotional defence patterns that may be keeping you from full connection to your authentic self and enjoyment of natural self-expression.

Body Psychotherapy techniques include: stretching and opening moves; grounding and centering exercises; energy building postures; massage or finger pressure to muscles; vibration; breathwork, vocal expression and trauma release techniques. Inherent in this work is gentle, compassionate care which allows for energies to be safely processed and assimilated. I look forward to working with you and offering my best support for your personal development and well-being.

The duration of each session is one hour. Session fees are:
• Individual Session: $120

To book a Body Psychotherapy Session contact Shirsha


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